About Neeps

Neeps.com has a history going back to the early days of the Internet and electronic commerce.  The domain was used by its original owners who started one of the first online pet supply stores, TheFerretStore.com.  In the 1990’s, neeps.com was an acronym for Northeast Exotic Pet Supplies and was used as TheFerretStore.com’s wholesale website where bricks-and-mortar pet supply businesses would order pet supplies for their stores.

When TheFerretStore.com’s owners sold their pet supply websites to online pet store Drs. Foster & Smith in 2006, they retained the neeps.com domain and launched a lawn and garden supply store selling planting supplies, outdoor furniture, grills and fireplaces, gardening tools and more.

The lawn and garden supply eCommerce store continued to operate until September 2011 when Neeps closed its operations and the domain was sold to the current owners, Wuppeanu LLC, who operate the Neeps Web Directory on neeps.com.

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