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We Spoil Pets

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We are avid pet lovers, we own pets ourselves.  The products we see online are sometimes made of cheap products and are made out of the country.  We wanted a place where, we could gather unique products, which we like.  We offer a variety of products that are produced in the United States.

Our products are unique, you won’t always find the same products in your large pet stores, some products you will, but we like to show our customers a variety of products.

You will find that our treats are healthy treats perfect for your Dog and Cat.

Take some time to send a Gift Basket to anyone you know that owns a pet, our Gift Baskets consist treats for your pet and for the owner.  Other Baskets are just for the owner or the pet, you can choose.  Put a smile on someone’s face today or tail wagg or purr ….

Although our competitors have a vast inventory, we are a small company in which we treat each person as a close friend.  If someone is looking for something particular and they cannot find it, then we would be proud to assist them in finding that product, or reviewing it prior to them purchasing it.


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