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5 Types of Shareable Content for an Awesome Blog

It’s one thing to have relevant content that gives value to your blog readers. It’s completely another to get them captivated enough to share what you post.

These days, you shouldn’t only give attention to the actual substance of your content but also to the form. Trying out different forms will appeal to a wider audience, capture the interest of both first-time visitors and regular readers, keep your content fresh, and encourage people to share your blog posts to their own networks.

Going for shareable content will benefit you tremendously. Find out which types you should be alternating for your business blog:


You’re probably well aware how powerful video marketing has become over recent years. Now that good Internet connections are more common and widespread, it’s easier for people to view videos online without any problem. You’ll be surprised how many actually spend hours and hours of just watching videos on YouTube and Vimeo.

On Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram, videos are greatly popular than ever. With the many apps available for easy editing and posting as well as for making use of fascinating templates and effects, video marketing is certainly doable by anyone. Videos are eye-catching and eagerly shared by a lot of web users.

Try varying your videos once in a while, but you may also want to have a regular type that your followers can look forward to. For instance, you may want to post a 2-minute testimonial or interview every Tuesday.

Have you heard of vlogs? They’ve become quite famous lately. You can consider incorporating yours within your regular blog posts as well as in your own YouTube channel. Make sure to keep them short, noteworthy, and exciting!


Nicely arranged and designed graphics containing valuable information on a particular topic, commonly including statistics, make for great shareable content too. These infographics can provide added data to your article or summarize the post at a glance. With these, you can easily convey your message.

Furthermore, people also love sharing these infographics because they are easy to understand while providing interesting and relevant figures.

Take the time to create your own infographics. The extra time and effort will be worth it. Besides, there are a lot of easy and free infographic makers that you can utilize today. They often come with readymade templates, icons, and other elements that you can put together for an awesome infographic that spells out your content clearly, succinctly, and effectively!


Everybody these days seem to be using memes! With meme makers all around, even ordinary people use them for simple chats— in the same way that the incorporate stickers into their conversations!

Memes are humorous, with text that’s usually designed with big fonts in all caps. Thus, they are catchy and the message can be captured with just one look. They make a big impact in social media, which is why they are very likely to be shared if they are seen within your blog posts.

From time to time, you may want to use photos from popular movies and that show familiar scenes as well as famed celebrities. Some people use those associated with recent events and controversial issues in order to get people to notice the memes immediately. This could work, so long as you don’t overdo it.

Take a clue from the successful blogs within your niche. What memes are they using? Some of the authors and blog owners even make use of their own photos!

How-to Articles

How-to articles have been around for a very long time now. They’ve even expanded toward e-books! This is the perfect example of a blog post form that will probably never fade away.

At present, most people turn to the Internet for steps on how to do something or if they wish to learn something new. Hence, you need to be right there when they’re looking to figure out or learn a skill related to your industry.

Come up with comprehensive how-to articles as well as brief ones that give clear instructions. Be sure to include sufficient details that will be helpful for readers and will not leave them confused. Your how-to post should be understandable so they can be shareable too.

Make sure to begin by presenting a specific problem that you would like to address in your article. Then describe your proposed solution briefly before going into the nitty-gritty steps. Be sure to have a conclusion at the end.

It’s also best that you add photos or graphics to help with your how-to articles. Many people are just very visual.


What makes lists so popular among blog followers and those in social media? Well, for one, they are wonderfully organized. Therefore, it makes the content easier to scan or skim through especially for those who are in a hurry. What’s more, such lists are more aligned with how the brain organizes things. This is just how most people have come to think.

Have an attention-grabbing introduction that your target audience can relate to, before enumerating things in your list. Some experts suggest using odd numbers because they are more attractive. However, there are marketers who insist that the number will not matter so long as the content provides great value for the target readers.

Surely lists will also be shared frequently. Highlight the titles or present them in bold or different-colored fonts.

In addition, take note that Top Ten lists have proven to be effective in getting the attention of most people. You can do them in hierarchy depending on the topic. Examples may be presented this way too.

You’ll never run out of awesome blog content now. And what’s even better is that there’s a bigger chance that these types of blogs will get shared, increasing your exposure and potential traffic and lead generation.

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