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6 Amazing Ways You Can Make Your Blog Stand Out in the Crowd

Whether you’re a new blogger or not, and whether you’re doing it for business or for personal reasons, you are expressing yourself online and sharing your thoughts, ideas, and expertise simply to be read. Without an actual audience, your blog may lose its purpose.

Because there are tons of blogs out there now, it’s difficult to make yours stand out in the crowd. It’s a huge challenge to grab a significant share of the audience you’re aiming for.

There are plenty of blogging tips you’ve probably come across by now. You can do a lot of research and be able to build your own following, but will it last? Will it be strong enough, given that there are so many others like your blog?

You need to stand out. Don’t be afraid to be different, because this can ultimately make your blog a success.

Create a Signature Look

If your blog looks like every other one, you will definitely not make a lasting impression on your audience.

Create a signature look that gives the overall image you want to project. As online marketing experts always say, it’s all about branding. When you have carefully and successfully molded your public image through your actual photos, writing style and content, and blog design, people will remember you better. You’ll then keep attracting more readers and followers.

It could be a stand-out accessory, a breathtaking background, your unique fashion style— all of these can be incorporated into your photos. Even a signature photo effect can be utilized.

Make sure that your blog design has a matching feel. Its color scheme has to be reflected on your social media pages and other forms of online presence.

Make a Statement

If you want to make a statement in the blog sphere, you ought to create “noise” when there are popular, viral, or controversial issues going around. Be part of the buzz rather than shutting up. Make you voice be heard.

Sometimes, you don’t even have to connect a particular topic with your own niche. Just share your opinion as it is and show people that you care.

Here’s the deal too— you don’t have to conform to the majority. Actually, if you present a fresh view or an opposing one, all the more that you’ll draw attention to your blog. Just be careful when doing this because you don’t want to turn off or piss off a lot of individuals. Make sure that the side you take is also supported by many, but not necessarily the majority. This way, you’ll see how they will actually support and even defend you.

Show Your Weak Side

Yes, you don’t have to be the super perfect authority on a subject matter. You can admit to your weaknesses too and even mention mistakes you’ve committed.

For instance, if you’re running a weight loss blog, it’s okay to show from time to time that you are human too. You give in to temptations every now and then. You commit errors too just like the people who read your posts. This will allow them to relate to you better.

Imagine what kind of impact it would make for a financial guru to write about his tendency to splurge, or for a well-respected photographer to actually post amateur-looking pictures that he’s ashamed of. Of course there’s a way for you to turn it around to your advantage. While you’re showing your weak side, you are also bringing attention to what others should do avoid the same errors.

Feature Real Interviews

Once in a while, make sure to diversify your posts by adding real, genuine interviews. Yes, it’s certainly helpful to feature a celebrity or a person involved in a viral video. But it’s also good to insert some interviews of ordinary individuals whom many can easily relate to.

For instance, if you are promoting a weight loss program, it’s best to present the stories of actual clients. Show interviews that delve into their backgrounds and challenges and how your program helped them. If your blog is for a bank institution, you can feature regular depositors as well as young and old investors. Even those who have availed of loans can be interviewed.

Inject Humor and Look Silly

People are naturally drawn to those that seem more “human”. This is especially important in the cyber-world. Since your target audience can’t see you, you might not seem like a real person to them. But when you joke around and act and look silly, this will certainly make you stand out as a genuine individual who’s easy to approach and connect with.

Some bloggers post funny photos and videos of themselves to show their readers a glimpse of their silly side. It’s always good to inject humor not just to make yourself appear real but to simply make people laugh and have fun.

Humor is surely a welcome treat for everybody. If you’re able to inject humor in your posts such as through cartoons and memes, you will be able to stand out in a good way. Just don’t make fun of others.

Veer Away from Your Usual

The first tip given above is for you to establish a public image, which is part of your branding. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to stick to it 100%. Some experts say that veering away from your usual once in a blue moon can definitely make an impact. It’s bound to drive attention to you.

If you are usually formal-sounding, you can share a funny, inspiring video one time. If you often project yourself as a fashionable socialite, why not shock your audience by showing yourself in your pajamas with no makeup? It’s up to you how to craft such unique, surprising posts so that they won’t appear awkward or totally uncalled for.

Indeed the six amazing tips given above can bring on greater attention to your blog and make it stick out in a good way. Follow these tips and try not to blend in with the crowd, so that your blog will keep on growing and enjoying loyal followership.

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